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Big Bass Territory

Vehicle: Ford Territory

Service: Dual 15inch subwoofer setup with customer box and dual battery

Year of Vehicle: 2006

Item List:

  • Alpine IVA-D511
  • JL Audio C5 Splits (front/rear)
  • a/d/s/ AMM1000.1 Monoblock x 2
  • a/d/s/ ATC1000.4 4ch Amplifier
  • Soundstream Turrantula T4-15 Woofer x 2
  • Custom 7.6sqft box
  • Stinger SPV44 1320watt Battery
  • Stinger RCA cabling
  • Stinger Fusing and Power cables
  • Dynamat Extreme Sound deadening (bulk pack)

The owner of this Ford Territory had  two Soundstream T4 15inch subwoofers and matching amplifier from a previous vehicle. The owner wanted GCCS to design a system which didn't only hit hard but was able to provide as much accuracy as possible. After initial calculations the GCCS technicians opted to build a dual ported reinforced 7.6sqft box which sat perfectly in the available boot space.This box designed was going to give the subwoofers the breathing room they required to perform at their maximum potential. GCCS utilised a Stinger SPV44 Battery and isolator kit to feed extra power to the subwoofer amplifier to prevent power starvation.

The Soundstream amplifier provided by the customer struggled to run the subwoofers at the desired level so stage 2 of the installation was to add dual a/d/s/ monoblock amplifiers to feed each woofer over 1000watts RMS. The owner purchased a Alpine IVE-D511 head unit to drive the system with an a/d/s/ digital four channel amplifier providing the power to run JL Audio speakers. 

Overall, this system definitely impressed us with its accuracy. Normally 15inch woofers are slow and lumbering, but with the right box and power these woofers perform brilliantly.

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