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Evil GTS

Vehicle: HSV GTS Special Edition

Service: Full audio upgrade with custom boot installation and lighting

Year of Vehicle: 2011

Item List:

  • Audio Control LC7
  • a/d/s/ 346CS Components
  • a/d/s/ SF6.2 coaxials
  • a/d/s/ R12 subwoofers x 2
  • a/d/s/ AMM1500.4 Amplifier
  • a/d/s/ AMM1000.1 Monoblock Amplifier
  • Custom subwoofer enclosure with perspex
  • DNA 2.0 Farad Capacitor
  • Stringer Fusing & RCAs

Holden's have been a staple vehicle in the GCCS workshop for generations. The early 1990's saw the introduction of the VR Commodore with the VT soon to follow in 1997. Both vehicles frequently visited the GCCS workshop for everything from basic upgrades all the way up to wild show or competition systems. This decade cemented the Commodore as one of the most popular cars to modify both in terms of audio and performance. A decade on and not much has changed as the VE Commodore range still visits the GCCS workshop several times a week for its dose of audio indulgence. Many customers opt for a simple upgrade, new speakers, an amp and maybe a subwoofer. But for some this isn't enough, one of the latest examples was the EVIL HSV GTS.

The owner of this stunning HSV GTS had already put months of work into his pride and joy; with over 500whp and more torque than it knew what to do with. The car was already a monster but the only thing left unmodified, unchanged and stock standard was the audio system. GCCS technicians quickly went to work to change this fact.

Utilising a Audio Control LC7 controller, the factory headunit was used as a platform to build. The LC7 provides speaker level input to allow factory headunits to run aftermarket amplifiers with minimal noise and maximum control. All four doors and boot were heavily treated with Dynamat Extreme sound deadening to help reduce vibrations and minimise exhaust noise. The front doors were fitted with top of the range a/d/s/ component speakers the 346CS and the rears the matching coaxial a/d/s/ SF6.2 speakers. An monster 4 x 150watts RMS a/d/s/ AMM1500.4 amplifier was given the task to run the speakers at their maximum potential.

In the boot is where GCCS technicians creativity began to shine with a simple and effective installation that had plenty of style. The centre piece is an almost inch thick sheet of perspex which has been professionally laser etched with the Chevrolet logo and lit using blue LEDs. The dual 12inch a/d/s/ R12 subwoofers are housed in custom enclosure painted with 2PAC silver paint and blue LED lighting. Running the woofers is the big a/d/s/ monoblock AMM1000.1 providing a massive 1500RMS at 1ohm.

Overall, this is a great sounding system with plenty of bass and great mid range punch coming from those flagship a/d/s/ 346CS speakers. Another Commodore and another great system. GCCS looks forward to designing many more.

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