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Widest Range of Custom Audio Services

Gold Coast Car Sound has a wide range of Car Audio products from reputable manufactures such as Alpine and others. Please click on the tabs to read more about the service.

Car Audio From Simple Upgrade To All-Out Wild Systems
custom audio Gold Coast

Gold Coast Car Sound - the car audio leaders

For over two decades GCCS has carved a name in the car audio scene that represents the best of the best. From simple upgrades to all-out wild systems, we treat all our customers and their vehicles with the absolute best service possible - both before and after the sale. Total satisfaction has always been our goal, and it shows through every day in the loyalty of our ever increasing customer base. Let our award winning team tailor a system for you, your budget and your car today.

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Quality Installations With Expert Care
custom car audio installations

Highest quality, professional installations.

Each GCCS store has an onsite private workshop to allow installation of our car audio products. Bookings for installations can be made via phone at the respective store. Our dedicated sales staff and technicians are always ready and willing to provide the right information and advice.

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In-Car Entertainment From Top Brands
custom audio Gold Coast

The movies in your car are now a reality with GCCS

Our wide selection of audio/visual products allows GCCS to customise your system to your needs. With a huge selection of in-car DVD players, screens and roof-mounted units we provide all that is required for an excellent in car entertainment system. Using the latest technology from car entertainment leaders, such as Alpine, GCCS are able to maximise the in-car experience.

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Reliable and Affordable Communications Devices
car communication bluetooth

The best communication devices for your car

Effective and available communications are now more important than ever - let our team discuss technologies such as 2-way radio systems and provide you with the most cost effective and reliable communications for your business or personal use. GCCS provide a range of bluetooth mobile products to make your driving experience easier and safer.

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Marine Entertainment Audio on Water
marine audio Gold Coast

Let GCCS provide you with tunes on the water with our marine products

Having worked in the marine precincts of the Gold Coast over the last two decades, we have gained extensive and unique expertise in the area of marine entertainment systems. By leveraging the advantages of products from home theatre, car audio and marine audio our team can design a hybrid system that does all that you want and more.

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Car Navigation Suitable For Your Needs
car navigation Gold Coast

Let us show you the best possible route in Navigation

Intelligent vehicle navigation systems are now a reality in Australia, and we have been at the forefront of the technology since it began. Our experience and knowledge of vehicle navigation systems is second to none. Let our staff show you how car navigation can save you and your business time and money and improve the efficiency of your travelling workforce.

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Security and Protection For Your Car
custom security Gold Coast

Let Gold Coast Car Sound protect you and your vehicle

Protecting your investment is of paramount importance these days, and we have the team to tailor an effective security system for you. With qualified and experienced staff we have a unique level of expertise and can piece together a system that offers real protection for you and your vehicle.

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